Frank Widmer ist Geschäftsführer der HECHT Contactlinsen GmbH in Au bei Freiburg
Dipl. Ing. (FH)
Frank Widmer
HECHT Contactlinsen GmbH

Already during his studies, Frank Widmer was fascinated by contact lens care, so that this profession was to become his passion. Stages such as five years at the Contactlinsen-Institut R. Holland / Hamburg, three years of part-time work at the University Eye Hospital Basel, one year of scientific work at the "Cornea and Contact Lens Research Unit" (today "Brien Holden Vision Institute") Sydney/Australia and until today the work at the Contactlinsen-Institut Nosch as well as at Hecht Contactlinsen GmbH in the areas of development of new contact lens designs and application technology, quality management as well as seminars and lectures, gave him the opportunity to live his "dream job". Widmer is still passionate about fitting. At the moment, in addition to keratoconus/keratoplasty fittings, he is particularly fascinated by fitting myopic children and adolescents...

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