Sicht.Kontakte 2023

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1*Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University, Eye- and Vision Center Optometrie Cagnolati GmbH

In October 2016 the VDCO (Association of German Contact Lens Specialists and Optometrists), the International Association for Binocular Vision (IVBS) and the German Central Association of Ophthalmic Opticians and Optometrists (ZVA) for the first time organized a joint continuing education conference in Mainz called “Optometry Day”.  The “Optometry Day” concluded the continuing education events "Optometry 16" and "Contact 16" organized by the VDCO as well as the ZVA delegates meeting. In this way, the Mainz event was the starting point for the new education conference "Sicht.Kontakte", which has been jointly organized by VDCO, IVBS and ZVA since 2017 and which will take place this year from 6 to 8 October at the "Holiday Inn Berlin Airport Conference Centre". Top-class speakers will again present current lectures and workshops from the field of contact lenses as well as clinical optometry and ophthalmology over three days. Speakers include, among others:

  • Stefan Bandlitz, Köln (Cologne)
  • Wolfgang Cagnolati, Duisburg
  • Holger Dietze, Berlin
  • Elias Flockerzi, Homburg
  • Sven Jonuscheit, Glasgow
  • Justin Kwan, Chicago
  • Alex Müntz, Olten
  • Daniela Nosch, Olten
  • Daniela Oehring, Plymouth

In contrast to the Anglo-Saxon countries, there is currently no mandatory continuing education for all optometrists or ophthalmic opticians in Germany. For many optometry leaders, this requirement is essential for the future and is only logical in terms of patient safety. Currently, such a mandatory continuing education in Germany applies only to members of the RAL Quality Association for Optometric Services (GOL) and optometrists listed on the German Optometrists' Register. These professionals must obtain 20 accredited continuing education points (COE) within 24 months. With a total of 29 lectures and 23 workshops the “Sicht.Kontakte 2023” will once again offer all German-speaking colleagues ideal opportunities for state-of-the-art continuing education. Integrated in every Optometry & Contact Lenses (OCL) issue is also one certified optometric education article (COE) with multiple choice questions (MCQs) recognized by the GOL which can be answered online.  COE points can also be earned on this way.

“You must have learned a lot to be able to ask about what you don't know“ (Jean-Jacques Rousseau).

With this in mind, I would be very happy to welcome many colleagues at Sicht.Kontakte in Berlin.