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Use of +3 spectacles in early childhood vision screening with the PlusOptix A12R

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pediatric optometry


The aim of this study was to examine the benefitof +3-glasses as a supplement to the measurement of objectiveametropia using the PlusOptix A12R vision screenerin children.

Material and Methods:

Experience from practice and the evaluation of the measurement results with and without the use of the +3-glasses are presented. In addition, a way of interpreting the results in practice is presented.


The measurement with both methods was evaluatedin 1534 out of 2760 cases. The measurements showed nosignificant difference (z = -0.250, p = 0.802, r = -0.005), however,showed greater scatter results in the measurement with+3-glasses. If you select the more positive measurement, themean is shifted by 0.26 dpt (SD = 0.68) towards hyperopia.In addition, a lower scatter result and a significant differenceto the measurement without glasses are achieved. This isin pairs between 0 D and 4.75 D, with an average of 0.27(SD = 0.46), with 261 cases (17 %) differences of 0.75 D ormore.


If only the measurement with +3-glasses is considered,there is no benefit at first. However, the professionalselection between themeasured values provides a more reliablestatement about the refractive status, especially aboutthe influence of accommodative compensation of hyperopia.The cost-effective production of the glasses, a high acceptanceby the children, the low time required and the additionalsafety of the results speak for the use of the +3-glasses in earlychildhood vision screenings.

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