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Checking selected visual functions of drivers

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traffic ophthalmology
fitness to drive
Driving License Ordinance
visual acuity
contrast vision


In Germany, the fulfillment of the requirements for eyesight and the associated suitability for driving a motor vehicle has so far only been determined when a driver’s license is obtained. The aim of this work was to check the visual functions of persons who already hold a driving license.

Material and Methods:

The current status of central daytime visual acuity and photopic contrast vision was determined in 113 drivers using the Binoptometer 4P from Oculus. The central daytime visual acuity was assessed according to the regulations of the Driving License Ordinance. For the assessment of contrast vision, the manufacturer’s recommendation and the associated suggestion of Wilhelm et al.1 were used.


About half of the subjects (47.8 %) failed the standardized driver’s license vision test according to the FeV. The contrast vision test was not passed by about one third (31.0 %) of the subjects. In total, 35 subjects (31.0 %) were fundamentally unfit to drive at the time of measurement.


A testing of different visual functions in drivers should be considered reasonable. People of all ages should be educated about the relevance of regular eye examinations, even with supposed good vision.

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