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Methods of visuomotor training for athletes/competitive athletes

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1 Eye Clinic of the REGIOMED Reha Clinic, Masserberg, Germany
2 Prof. Dr. med.
3 Prof.
4 Ernst-Abbe University of Applied Sciences, Jena, Germany
eye-hand coordination
visual performance enhancement
stroboscopic visual training


Training methods to improve the performance of the visual system are repeatedly described in the popular media. This review article focuses on the scientific aspect of this subject, presenting and discussing studies and techniques for enhancing visual and visuomotor performance in high-performance athletes.

Material and Methods:

To conduct the literature review on visual performance enhancement, relevant scientific databases, specialized articles, and academic books from fields such as sports science, optometry, medicine, and partially technical disciplines were comprehensively searched.


By evaluating scientific studies from 1953 to the present day, suitable devices for training methods to enhance visual performance were identified. The review also considers various visual tasks, such as anticipation training, as well as coordination exercises targeting eye-hand coordination and reaction time.


While some studies did not provide conclusive evidence for the effectiveness of specific sports vision training, other research demonstrated positive effects on specific aspects of the visual system. Devices like Fitlight, twall, and shutter glasses offer the potential to train different visual and visuomotor domains.

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