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Current status and future developments in optical coherence tomography

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1University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Institut für Angewandte Optik und Elektronik, Cologne, Germany
optical coherence tomography
time domain
frequency domain
optical technologies


Optical coherence tomography has become a standard non-invasive imaging technique for the examination of the eye. In recent years, there have been advancements in previous systems, but new technological approaches could promote further expansion.

Material and Methods:

Based on a literature review and own research activities, current status and future developments in the field of optical coherence tomography are summarised. Special attention is given to the possibilities for cost reduction in manufacturing.


Current technologies in the field of computer sciences can adapt the current systems in sub-areas in such a way that a more cost-effective production seems possible and can lead to improved health care through the higher number of installed systems.


The approaches outlined appear promising for achieving the goal of widespread use of optical coherence tomography. However, due to the typical research and development durations of medical devices, the realization will only be possible in the next few years.

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