Case Report

Keratoconus, scleral lenses and glaucoma drainage implant

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drainage implant
scleral lens with peripheral torus
zone size


This case report describes scleral lens fitting for advanced keratoconus in combination with additional glaucoma surgery.

Material and Methods:

The implantation of a drainage implant was followed by the bilateral fitting of scleral lenses. For contact lens fitting, it was essential to work with a scleral lens system that allows individual zone size and edge clearance in the scleral alignment zone to prevent provocation of the postoperative area.


Due to the individualized design of the scleral lenses, the patient was able to wear scleral lenses again postoperatively with successful implantation of a drainage implant. A 
prerequisite for this was also that the surgeon considered the necessity of a later postoperative fitting with scleral lenses when choosing the surgical method. 


Scleral lenses can also be successfully fitted in cases of complex corneal shapes and surgical procedures on the eye. This requires not only a great clinical experience in fitting such contact lenses, but also an individual manufacturing of the contact lenses based on the contact lens parameters specified by the contact lens specialist.

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