Case Report

Presbyopia management using orthokeratology

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1FAAO, Eyeness AG, Bern, Switzerland
contact lenses


With the aging population, management of presbyopia by contact lenses has become commonplace and market penetration is growing steadily. The purpose of this article is to discuss and highlight the different approaches to presbyopic patients using orthokeratology.

Material and Methods:

The management of presbyopia
using multifocal orthokeratology requires additional demands on the contact lens specialist as well as on the specialized laboratory. Based on the author’s experience with fitting multifocal orthokeratology contact lenses, different types of care in the field of presbyopia management are discussed with consideration of adequate care management.


Today basically all orthokeratology variants are available with a multifocal design too. Due to the wider multifocal back surface design, the adaptation and modulation time until the stable final result is achieved, takes about one week longer than with traditional orthokeratology. Adequate patient care is of great importance.


Presbyopia should not be considered a contraindication to orthokeratology. The multifocal designs work well in the long term and are in no way inferior to the well-known contact lens presbyopia solutions.

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