Case Report

Refitting of rigid gaspermeable contact lenses for keratoconus to improve wearing comfort

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1FAAO, Contact lenses Institute Ecke, Dresden, Germany
corneal lens
limbal lens
corneoscleral lens


The aim of the case report is to describe the visual rehabilitation of a keratoconus patient with RGP contact lenses and here specifically the change from classical RGP lenses to contact lenses with a larger diameter to improve wearing comfort and daily wearing time.

Material and Methods

RGP contact lenses were fitted to the eyes with the aid of corneal topography and the assessment of diagnostic lenses. The pros and cons of different contact lens designs are discussed in the context of visual rehabilitation of eyes with keratoconus.


Re-fitting of new contact lenses to a geometry with a larger (limbal) overall diameter increased comfortable wearing time from 8h to 12h.


Contact lens practitioners should use all options for fitting RGP lenses – from corneal, to limbal, to corneo-scleral, to (mini-)scleral lenses – to find the solution with good wearing comfort and best long-term physiologically acceptance. The aim is the possibility of lifelong contact lens wearing.

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