Case Report

Retinal tear – optometric management

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1Augenoptik Lange Straße Meisterbetrieb Heike Woucznack, Spremberg/Grodk, Germany
Fundus examination
fundus periphery
retinal tear
retinal detachment


This case report describes the optometric management of a peripheral retinal tear that was discovered during an optometric eye examination. It is intended to sensitize optometrists and ophthalmic opticians to the topic of retinal tears and retinal detachment.

Material and Methods:

During an optometric eye examination, the fundus was examined using an ultra-widefield laser scanning ophthalmoscope. A retinal tear was detected in the fundus periphery.


After the comprehensive optometric examination, the patient was informed about the finding of a peripheral retinal tear and its consequences and referred to an eye clinic. At the eye clinic, the diagnosis was confirmed. Treatment consisted of preventive laser retinopexy to reduce the risk of subsequent tear extension and retinal detachment.


The retinal tear presented in this case report was detected as an incidental finding. The patient was referred to an eye clinic for specialist diagnosis and preventive treatment. The case shows that a comprehensive optometric eye examination not only enables the management of relevant refractive errors, but can also make a contribution in terms of preventive health care. Optometric involvement in eye care has the potential to lead to earlier diagnosis, allowing treatment strategies to be implemented at an earlier stage. Together, earlier diagnosis and earlier intervention can lead to better long-term health outcomes.

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