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Visual skills in sport – an overview

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1 Dr. Dipl.-Ing.
2 Hartwig Research Center - Heikendorf, Germany
3 Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Sports Vision
visuelles System
sensorische Information


Sports Vision is a field that trains the relationship between visual skills and athletic performance. The field focuses on how the athlete’s visual abilities affect efficiency, accuracy and reaction time, contributing to their competitive advantage in various sports. The visual system plays a critical role in acquiring and processing sensory information during sporting activities, such as tracking moving objects, judging depth and distance, and focusing intently on important targets.

Material and Methods:

A literature search on the topic of sports vision was performed. Pubmed ( database was used as the platform for the this review. The keyword used was “sports vision”. Papers that primarily provided results on the topic were classified as relevant. Articles that were only secondarily dealing with the topic were classified as not relevant.


Visual performance assessment is an essential element in the field of Sports Vision. The results of the literature review demonstrate that visual training and sports vision interventions can have a significant effect on athlete performance. Improving visual perception, eye movements, and other visual skills can lead to increased athletic performance, improved reaction time, and reduced risk of injury. The research findings from the studies analyzed provide useful insights into how targeted visual training can affect athlete performance. The findings from Sports Vision have implications not only for professional athletes, but also for amateur athletes and people who play sports as a hobby.


The article highlights the importance of sports vision in optimising athletic performance and how a better understanding of visual abilities can lead to improved training strategies and innovative solutions for athletes, coaches and sports vision specialists.

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